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If you keep running out of doggie treats and goodies, or maybe you get the wrong ones, you need help. Thanks to Barkbox’s monthly plans, your furry best friend will have all the treats it needs for its age and size. Barkbox is the ultimate monthly dog subscription box service that will deliver toys and treats for your beloved dog when they need it most.

Why a Monthly Dog Subscription Box is Needed?

Dogs, just like humans get bored with the same toys and treats. Barkbox offers not just a variety of items but also a wide range of canine themed goodies. Different every month, think of it as a dog gift box!

What Comes in a BarkBox? Toys and Treats?

The themed goody boxes come with at least two innovative toys, a chew, and two bags of all-natural treats. Every month, the pet subscription box holds a different surprise for your dog, which they will love!

How do you get started?

We can see that you already want to get started – it is the best solution ever created for dog lovers and dogs! To get started, you have to simply take one of the plans available that are detailed below.


How Much Does BarkBox Cost a Month?

The plans available for you start from as low as $20 monthly. The best part is that the goodies you will receive every month are valued at over $40! All the boxes cost the same amount, no matter what the size of your loved one. Other than the monthly plan, there are six-month and annual plans, which you can cancel from at any time. Note that you get free Barkbox shipping for all Barkbox plans anywhere in the United States and Canada. For new customers, your first box gets shipped out between 2-8 business days. Then as a regular Barkbox subscriber your boxes will be shipped out on the 15th of every month.


For a month’s subscription of Barkbox, you will pay just $29.

The six months’ subscription costs $25 per Barkbox. This plan requires you to pay up front with a discount - 6 months would be $142 up front.

The annual plan will cost you $20 per Barkbox. Once again like the 6 month plan if you pay for the whole year to start it will only cost you $239!!!

If you would like to gift a box to another dog lover then Barkbox have you covered as well! They have the option to send one box as a gift which includes a gift note for $35!

You need to remember that every time you sign up for a plan, you are getting into a commitment that lasts the entire duration of the plan.

The plans are automatically renewed if you don’t cancel the plan. Cancellation is acceptable, at any time. Worth mentioning is the fact that you cannot get a discount if you sign up for the 6 or the 12 months plan but cancel it in the course of the subscription.


There is Sales Tax applied to AZ, CT, CA, OH, NY, and NV.

Choosing What You Get With BarkBox Depends on your Dog?

But, there is a catch – you cannot order/ subscribe to the Barkbox blindly. Barkbox wants to ensure that your dog gets the right treats and toys.

You have to identify the size of your dog. Is your dog small and cute, big and bold, or somewhere in-between? This is important because the sizes affect the weight and ultimately the kind of box your dog gets. Barkbox love all dogs and want to ensure your dog gets the love it deserves!

bark box dog size

The weight ranges are 0-20lbs, 20-50lbs, or above 50lbs. Even though the size of the dog doesn’t influence the cost of the box, dogs need different toys and treats in relation to their size.


If you have a playful puppy and you’d like to get some extra treats, you can get a premium added in the month’s Barkbox at $9 only.

Monthly Pet Subscription Box Themes


As mentioned above, Barkbox loves your dog and understands that dogs, just like humans get bored. As a result, the monthly plan boxes always come with something new and interesting for your four legged friend.

The following themes in this BarkBox Review represent months of adventure starring your dog and yourself as they open up a new world in your home:



This theme represents the miracle on the 34th squeak. It is the perfect festival package. If you forgot to get your honest and loyal furry dog a gift for Christmas, or you were unable to get the right present, this Barkbox: The Dogmans In The City awaits.

The featured toys for this theme include:

Howliday Spectacular Dancers

This is a tug toy with other toys in it. The dancers have safe T-shirt rope for a tight grip and tugging. It is packed with three classic squeakers shaped like lights which your loved one will get a kick out of.

Holly, Jolly, and Gabe

If you have a chewer in the house, let this toy indulge it. Holly, Jolly, and Gabe come in one size and perfect for small to medium sized dogs. They also have different squeakers perfect for sinking teeth.

But these three colorful characters Holly, Jolly and Gabe don’t hang independently, they hang on a dog, tummy safe, t-shirt rope ideal for tugging and gripping. They will light up your dog’s spirits.

Squeaky Wish List

We all know that dog that treats toys like the most complex puzzles ever created, right?

Why not satisfy that dog’s curiosity with the Squeaky Wish List?

This toy features a squeaker mat with irresistible crinkly texture, plus a space to hide treats. Hiding treats in the envelope will definitely keep your loved one captivated for hours!

Dogsmas Tree Delivery

This multi-part toy offers the right dose of multi-part joy. It has a soft and squeaky car plus a detachable, fluffy tree that is squeaky too.


Canine Carols Collection

This is the healthiest treat your pup needs. It is free of wheat, soy, and corn. It also has options for sensitive tummies and allergies.


Six-Inch Duck Chew

Other than the squeaky toys, every dog needs a chew-thingy. This Six-Inch Duck Chew is all natural and made with US-sourced meat.



This theme is packed with all kinds of dinosaurs that will arouse your dog’s interest as soon as you open the box – your dog has been waiting for 65 million human years for these treats so please do not delay them any further from these yummy doggy treats?

Some of the top prehistoric, never fossilized dinosaurs making up this theme include:


Hatchin’ Harry

This is an adorable, squeaky, plush dinosaur that comes with a crinkly shell. This toy promises to make your canine friend the happiest dog around, regardless of the mood they were  in before!

Herbert the Herbivore

The use of unique and safe materials to make this toy ensures that your dog has the best tugging experience. Herbert the Herbivore has a super-durable spiky bonus toy inside and a pull-through, stomach-safe t-shirt rope.

Airborne Archie

Sounds fascinate dogs, and this toy makes that special sound that will fill your dog with joy. Airborne Archie has a crinkly mat body and a huge plush head.


Jurassic Pork

You cannot take a trip to the prehistoric times without visiting the Jurassic Park, can you? This treat is delightful and made in the USA. It has sweet potatoes, pork, and pumpkin, and it is free from corn, soy, and wheat. Pawfect for your loved one!

Dinosaur Meat, Basically

Since not all dogs have the strong teeth of a T-Rex, this soft and easy-to-chew chicken is perfect. It is dried up for the maximum chewiness and sourced from the USA.


T-Rex Bone

Your dog deserves the best quality toy, and this bone is the best chew it can get. It is durable, non-toxic, and made with great attention to detail. Though tough, this
all-natural nylon chew is safe, and it has a tasty smoky flavor.



This is yet another interesting Barkbox theme that comes loaded with toys and treats.


Verne, the Vulture

This toy will make your dog go hog wild. This Vulture has crinkly wings, long feathery hair for gripping, tearing, and trashing, as well as a body stuffed with plush and squeakers.

Consuela the Cactus

How about some humor to surprise and delight your dog in equal measure? This toy is a durable smiling cactus that is bouncy and squeaky, promising endless fun. Underneath it, there is a small spiky ball bonus toy.


For safe tugging, you need to introduce your dog to this tugging toy made using tummy-safe t-shirt ropes, Dyn-o-Bite.  It is the ideal toy for tugging, chomping, and chewing. It also features a T-shirt rope plus a squawking’ giggle stick.


Cowboy Cut Steak

This is a mouthwatering morsel of steak snacks made with grain-free, filler-free, and soy-free recipes. It is super-soft and very crave-able!

Pork and Beans

Your dog needs this high-protein hearty pork snack. It is safe as it doesn’t have soy, wheat, corn, or fillers.


Frank’s Flank Steak

This is Butcher’s Block hand-trimmed and 3-day slow-roasted steak from top-grade beef from American Angus cows.



This theme lets you and your dog take long trips down memory lane


Way Rad Rollerblade

This is a roller-blade toy ideal for the heavy chewers as it is made using durable ballistic nylon. It is soft, plush and squeaky.

Ko Gnaw Mi Code Controllers

This is made of seven different materials double-stitched and also double fluffed. It has a t-shirt rope for tummy-safe tugging.

Pete the Frankly Fantastic Unicorn

This cute unicorn has a perfect mane for gripping, tearing, and shredding. The head has plush squeakers.


B’nana & Coco

This is safe peanut butter, coconut, and brown rice treat.

Duck Treats

This is an all-natural treat made with wholesome ingredients like barley, potatoes, and oatmeal.


Full Pig Ear

This is USA-made pig ear sourced from Sawmill Creek.



How about a chance to make your dog a hanami bento a well known tradition in Japan where whole families celebrate the blooming of the cherry blossoms? When we say whole families of course the dogs go to!


JoJo Dreams of Sushi

This is a perfect playmate. It is a stretchy sushi tug rope stuffed with three of BARK’s classic squeakers, the all-over crinkle, and seaweed features. It’s durable thanks to the use of ballistic nylon in the design.

Rubber Lucky Cat

This durable rubber cat is made of non-toxic rubber. It is perfect for dispensing hidden treats.

Edna’s Edamame

The soft and squeaky Edamame beans are perfect for playing Fetch. You can hide treats in it too.


Mr. Sakay Salmon and Rice Treat

This is a safe and an all-natural treat that is soft and chewy. It is made from fresh salmon and healthy brown rice. It is wholesome and free of fillers.

Hello Ducky!

This is a delicious BARK-Made duck snack made using farm-raised ducks. It is free of soy, corn, and gluten.


Chicky Twizzie

This is an odorless chew made in small batches. Your furry friend will chew it continuously.

Other themes



This themed Barkbox takes you on a magical trip through the African Savanna,


Chewfasa the Lion: ideal for thrashing

Hangry Hangry Hippo: for tugging

Cooper’s Candig Camera: a surprise treat dispenser


Charlie’s Heart of Cheesiness Nuggets and Banana Bacon Safari Snacks both made with safe and all-natural ingredients


Lamb Nik-Knacks Chews from Superior Farms



Andi’s Famous Plush Dumplings for hiding treats

Pretzel Rope Plush for tugging

Lady Liberty Ball and Chester's Pigeon have delightful squeaky sounds

TREATS: Central Pork Pizza

CHEW: Deer Chew

BarkBox Review - Other COOL Reasons Why You Should Get the Barkbox

Barkbox specific for allergic dogs

To ensure that your allergic canine friend stays safe, the contents of your Barkbox are safe. All the Barkboxes sent to homes are free of soy, corn, and wheat. Therefore, you don’t even have to think about the ingredients of the toys, treats and the chews.

In case your dog is allergic to chicken, beef, or turkey, the allergy-friendly Barkboxes will send the healthiest hypoallergenic dog treats to your doorstep.

Barkbox gives back

This company gives 10 percent of its profits to animal shelters and animal rescue groups. There are over 3000 shelters, which receive help from Barkbox. Therefore, your purchase goes a long way in helping other dogs across Canada and the USA.

Scouts-Honor Guarantee

This guarantee promises to give you a replacement for any item your loved one dislikes. The replacement will be entirely free.

More favorites

When you come across an interesting item in your Barkbox that you and your dog really like you can also reorder that specific item.

Safe and healthy processing

To enhance the health of your dog, Barkbox’s treats are of the highest standards. As mentioned above, they are corn, wheat, and soy free. But, that isn’t all, the items you receive are among the most organic items you will have in your home. The treats are all sourced from South America, New Zealand, Australia, USA, and Canada. What Barkbox promises you is that you won’t get dog products that the guys at Barkbox wouldn’t give their dogs.

Superstar dog

Lastly, you need to enroll in the Barkbox plans because, other than the treats, your dog will get a chance to be an online sensation. All you have to do is post its picture on the site!!!

BarkBox Review Conclusion??

From this Barkbox review of the available features and plans, it is clear that Barkbox is the best plan you can do for the health, safety and the happiness of your dog. The themed Barkboxes are affordable, attractive, and all the toys, treats, and chews safe, and healthy. Don't delay get your plan today before prices rise!

Click below to easily sign up today and get a free extra toy for new subscriptions.

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