Best Dog Beds for Greyhounds

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Best Dog Beds for Greyhounds Compared

Greyhounds are amazingly unique pets. In fact, it is easy to tell them apart from other notable breeds because of their distinct body conformation that is also shared by countable other breeds like the Saluki and Whippet.  Greyhounds are known for their speed, although they are considered moderate energy pets and quite lazy. If you have opted for a greyhound as the newest member of your family, it would make sense to purchase a dog bed that suits a Greyhound because, truth be told, she will spend most of her time on it. 

Greyhounds love to relax on the softest of surfaces; this is why they are known as the 45mph couch potatoes.  Most greyhounds have no problem with a standard bed, as long as it is soft, big and comfortable. There are tons of beds to choose from, however, you do not need to go through all that trouble. We have put together a list of things you should consider when buying a dog bed and the Top 6 Dog Beds for Greyhounds.  

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Top 6 Best Greyhound Dog Beds 

1. BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed - Editor's Choice For Best Dog Beds For Greyhounds

Designed in grey, this bed is among the best for your Greyhound. If your pet prefers something cozy but not too large, this bed fits the bill. It is made out of premium material and features an orthopedic crate in the shape of an egg. It also comes with a cover made of polyester that you can take off and wash. BarksBar also comes with a bolster cushions to help your dog sleep in a position that is friendly to her spine. When your pet lifts her neck or head, her spine straightens which is good for her joint development in general. Unfortunately, the cover is thin, and will not do well if your pet loves to dig and poke into her bed before she rests.


  • Made out of good quality material
  • Has a quilted styling
  • Cover is removable
  • Comes with bolster cushions
  • Non slip bottom


  • Padding is not enough
  • Smells of chemicals when new
  • Cover is thin

This dog bed is a complete solution for your pet’s needs. For starters, the cover is washable, so you can take it off to wash, and put it back on. The fabric is genuine suede for absolute comfort. The bed offers a shredded form; it does not flatten that long and your pet’s bed stays new for a long time. The foam has an orthopedic build to help your pet relax and sleep in peace. The bed comes in a variety of sizes, including 55 x 37 inches.


  • The bed’s orthopedic build and soft material lets her sleep in peace.
  • Double-sided and comfortable
  • Cover is easy to clean
  • The fabric is good quality and durable


  • No pillow or cushion for her head rest
  • Not suitable for heavier pets

Bring up American Kennel club and comfort is the word that comes to mind. This bed is the ultimate in luxury and comfort as it offers the best to your pet. It comes with a comfortable cushion, a nice corner finish, and its look and styling all match up really well. This bed is 21 x 6 inches, and is made entirely of a polyester fabric to maximum comfort. It can be machined-washed and stored easily. The overall finish resembles a bucket so that it can support your pet’s movements.


  • Easy for your pet to play on it
  • Comfortable and therapeutic
  • Size fits large dogs
  • Comes in a variety of colors


  • Polyester is not always comfortable
  • Filler material is not durable

This is a basic bed useful for crating purposes or when you and your pet decided to hit the road. However, if your pooch prefers a bed with a lot of padding, this is not the ideal for her. Nevertheless, it has some good features too, such as the cover comes off easily and it can be machine-washed. Most pets don’t like the idea of a bolster cushion, and if your pet is one of them, rest assured she would love this one. It comes in many different colors so you can match it up with your interior décor.


  • Cover is removable
  • Offers comfort and joint support
  • It resistant to water
  • Ideal for seniors dogs


  • Flattens off with prolonged use
  • The fabric is too thin
  • Poor padding
  • Not ideal for heavy pets

As its name suggests, it is bagel shaped and the only with some extra space for your pet. It has a central area for sleeping with full bolsters on the edges for head and neck support. The bolster also helps to keep the warmth in so that your Greyhound is warm during those cold nights. It is machine-washable and tumbler dryer friendly. The bed filler is good quality polyester, so you will get value for your money. The base is a water resistant denier that you can easily take outside and let your pet bask in the sun on it. Thus, there is no need to wash all of it when you decide to clean your pet’s sleeping area.


  • Bagel shaped
  • Manufactured in America
  • Machine-washable
  • Denier is water proof
  • Filler is high quality polyester


  • Sizing can be too large
  • Base can be slippery
  • Bed crinkles when stepped on
  • Bolster side is not always upright

K&H is an elevated bed that works really well in a warm climate because it allows airflow all round while protecting your pet from any kind of discomfort. The frame is strong enough to support 150 lbs., and works well against mites, mold or mildew. Your pet is safe from all kinds of crawlies on the floor. It comes in a variety of colors so you can match it with the colors in your home. This raised dog bed is great for the indoors or outdoors with its durable material.  Easy to clean and all you have to do is simply wipe it.


  • Denier is water resistant
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be used outdoors
  • Constant airflow


  • Pet claws can easily tear the fabric
  • Not ideal for heavier pets

Benefits of a Dog Bed for your Greyhound

Good Health

Makeshift beds from old pillows or blankets can easily harm your pet’s health because she has to make do with a confined space and a very uncomfortable sleeping position. Such a sleeping condition causes your pet to experience erratic sleep cycle and eventually she will become irritable. For good health, buy her a comfortable and fitting bed large enough to accommodate her so that she can sleep comfortably.

Keeps Her Warm

That beautiful jacket you got her won’t do much during the winter. What she needs is a comfortable bed that will keep her warm during those frosty nights. If your pet sleeps on the floor, then you are exposing her to a temperature that is either too high or too low. She could easily get sick because dogs are sensitive to changes in temperature.

No Damage to Your Furniture

Most dogs love circling around, burrowing or kneading before they finally settle down to rest or sleep. It is unfortunate if that happens to your expensive rug or couch. Vacuuming your couch many times will not make a difference; she will still come back and leave some fur or dander. She will stay off your couch only when you introduce her to the best dog bed. Once you introduce her to her own sleeping place, it will be her official resting place.

What to look for in a dog bed for your Greyhound 


If your pet likes her new bed, she will use it on a daily basis. It will not only be a bed to sleep on during the night, but also a napping place during the day. This kind of use can cause the seams to come apart or sometimes holes will form. Once the holes become bigger, your pet will dig through to reach the filler material and that will damage the bed. However, if you choose a bed made out of a strong material, and stitched together using strong seams, it will hold up very well compared to an economy bed.

Machine Washable Covers

Although you dog may not be the type to venture out that often, her bed covers still accumulate dirt. Actually, her bedding will not only accumulate urine, saliva and dirt, it will have a lot of fur on it too. In that case, you will have to find a dog bed that comes with a removable cover that you can wash to keep it clean. If you do not feel comfortable washing by hand, find one that is also machine washable.

Correct Size

A gigantic dog bed is not a bad idea, because it is better than buying one that is too small for her. A good bed is one that will accommodate her completely, with a little space left for maneuvering around when she is asleep. Also, a bit of extra space allows her to circle around and find her most comfortable point on the bed before she lays down to rest.  

Final Thoughts On The Best Dog Beds For Greyhounds

If you are an indoor person, BarksBar Gray Orthopedic is our top choice as the greyhound dog beds. It’s comfortable, average sized and its material is premium quality. Although this bed is not as thick as it should be, it comes with a cover that you can take off to clean and a bolster cushion to help your Greyhound sleep in a spine friendly position. With the BarksBar dog bed, your pet is guaranteed sound sleeping patterns and good health!