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Top 9 Best Dog Training Collars Reviews

Getting a new puppy is an exciting and memorable event, especially if it is your first time owning a dog. However, it also opens a door of new responsibilities. A puppy is a lot like a new baby, and he or she will require a lot of attention and affection. On top of providing for your new dog’s basic needs, you’ll also have to train your dog, and, depending on their age, this can include everything from potty training to basic commands and tricks to even how to walk on a leash. No matter what kind of training your new pup will have to go through, one of the best things you can do is look through the best dog training collars and pick the perfect one for your dog.

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Dog training collars, despite their similar appearances to regular collars, have a lot of differences that make training your dog easier. Rather than delivering a painful shock that will only serve to frighten your dog, modern training collars deliver a humane stimulus such as vibration or soft sound that will help your do to focus on you rather than what is happening around them. If you’re still not sure if a training collar is right for you, here are some additional benefits.

Due to the SportDOG remote training collar’s diverse features, it’s a good choice for every owner, from those with multiple dogs to those training their dogs to hunt. It has multiple options for training, and, if you’d rather not use the static stimulation, which has seven different degrees from low to medium, there is also the option to use either a vibration of sound to redirect your dog’s attention. It has a range of 500 yards, making it perfect for training your dog in your yard, house, or even while hunting. The rechargeable battery is quick charging and can provide over 50 hours of charge, and the collar is waterproof and submersible to 25 feet.


  • While a shocking feature is present, the static stimulation is gentle and short-lasting as not to harm your dog
  • Vibration and sound features present as additional ways to redirect your dog
  • Two different styles
  • Designed for hunting dogs
  • 500 yard range ideal for training or hunting with close-working dogs
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries provide 50-70 hours of use per 2 hour charge
  • Waterproof design allows it to work in any weather or terrain


  • Higher levels of static stimulation can be painful for your dog
  • Battery may wear out quickly depending on usage

This collar is both unique in design and function. First, the ergonomic stopwatch shape of the remote, which comes in a variety of colors, allows you to work the collar without looking at the remote, allowing you to keep a constant eye on your dog during training. Rather than a sharp stimulation that can harm your dog, the Educator E-Collar uses a blunt, tapping sensation that is more effective than vibration alone in redirecting and refocusing your dog. The rechargeable lithium-polymer batteries only require 2 hours of charge to reach full battery life, and the remote and collar are both waterproof and shock resistant, though some consumers have stated that the collar doesn’t work in saltwater.


  • Multiple purchasing options for different ranges, types of dogs, and number of dogs
  • Wide variety of six colors ranging from yellow to waterfowl camouflage
  • Assembled and tested in the United States
  • Ergonomic design
  • Unique tapping sensation that is more effective than vibration alone
  • Waterproof design that also floats
  • Shock Resistant
  • Lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries
  • Tracking light to make use in the dark easier
  • Pavlovian tone that helps train your dog to respond even without the stimulation
  • Designed to provide blunt stimulation that is not stressful for dogs


  • Expensive
  • Susceptible to wear and tear
  • Short battery life
  • Does not work in saltwater

The DOG CARE training collar is designed to train multiple dogs at once if desired by using a highly controlled, safe shock that redirects your dog’s attention without injuring them. If you decide that you don’t want to use a shock method on your dog and want to take a gentler approach, you can also switch to either vibration or sound stimulations. This collar has a 330 yard range and anti-jamming technology to make sure that you are always able to redirect your dog. It is waterproof and has a rechargeable battery that can last up to 15 days. It also has a keypad security feature to make sure that you don’t accidentally trigger the receiver without meaning to.


  • Highly controlled static stimulation designed to redirect your dog’s attention without accidentally harming them
  • Advanced anti-jamming technology established a strong, stable signal for multiple training environments so that you can train your dog anywhere without worrying about poor signal
  • Security keypad lock prevents misoperation that could possibly cause harm to your dog
  • One remote can control up to 9 receivers at one time, making this perfect for professional trainers or households with multiple pets
  • 330 yard range
  • Waterproof
  • High quality, rechargeable battery that can last for more than 15 days
  • If you don’t want to shock your dog, there are also sound and vibration options
  • Inexpensive


  • Sizing runs large
  • Not designed for dog breeds with thick fur

If you’re looking for a training collar for your medium to large dog, then the Dogtra 1900 is a good option. It has an ergonomic design to make sure that your dog is as comfortable as possible, and a ¾ mile range that makes it perfect for training. It also has two different stimulation types, with 127 different degree of stimulation – just be careful not to harm your dog, as this collar does reach ‘high’ settings. Dogtra has been designing collars for over 20 years, so you can trust that you will be receiving a collar designed by experienced professionals.


  • Reputable brand with over 20 years of experience
  • ¾ mile range
  • Seamless, ergonomic design to ensure that your dog is as comfortable as possible
  • 1PX9K waterproof certified
  • Two stimulation types


  • Expensive
  • Poor customer service
  • Bulky and heavy, especially for smaller dogs
  • May cause chafing on dog’s neck
  • Risk of using too high stimulation

The Garmin Delta XC, along with the other two available versions, is designed to make training your dog easy – thanks to the ergonomically designed remote with only three buttons and an easy to read LCD screen – safe, with a variety of options for stimulation including a minor shock, vibration, and sound. You can use the remote for up to three collars, allowing you to train multiple dogs at once within the ½ mile range. Along with 18 different levels of stimulation, you can also replace the contact points so that each training session is tailored fully to your dog and his or her personality.


  • 18 different levels of stimulation
  • Intuitive 3-button handheld remote with LCD display to make using the collar during training easy
  • Replaceable contact points
  • Train up to three dogs with one remote
  • Three different versions - Delta XC, Delta Sport XC, and Delta Upland XC – with different ranges and levels
  • ½ mile range
  • Ability to use vibration and sound as well as shock
  • Comes with a charger


  • Expensive
  • Susceptible to wear and tear
  • Shorter life than other collars
  • Poor customer service

If you’re looking for a highly versatile collar with different stimulations and the ability to correct multiple problems, then the Pet Union Premium training collar is a good option for you and your dog. You have the ability to use light, sound, vibration, or shock, and you can use a variety of different levels for the vibration and shock settings so that you can find the one that works best for your dog’s personality and training habits. This collar, with its 10 to 100 pound range, will fit almost every dog. It’s also waterproof and has a range up to 1200 feet.


  • Waterproof
  • 1200-foot range
  • Can be used to correct barking issues, pulling and disobedience while walking, and behavioral issues such as aggression
  • Can be used for dogs ranging from 10 pounds to 100 pounds
  • Four different stimulations: sound, light, vibration, and shock
  • 100 different levels for a personalized training experience
  • Easy to read LCD screen
  • Rapid charging lithium ion battery
  • Uses an Auto Power Protect Mode to conserve battery life so you can train your dog longer
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty
  • Inexpensive


  • High levels of static stimulation can be dangerous for your dog

If you’re looking for a reputable training collar with multiple options for stimulation, then the Dogtra IQ-PLUS Remote Trainer is a good choice. Waterproof with a 400 yard range, this collar is good for training all types of dogs, though it is more susceptible to wear and tear than other collars by the same brand. It has a rapid charging battery and an easy to read LCD screen that, paired with the ergonomic design, makes training your dog easier. During training, you have 100 different stimulation levels to choose from, and, if you don’t want to give your dog a gentle shock that is designed to be as safe as possible, then you can switch to vibration mode.


  • 400 yard range
  • 2-hour rapid chagrining lithium polymer batteries
  • Reputable brand with over 20 years of experience
  • 100 percent waterproof for use in any weather
  • 3 different types of stimulation including a vibration
  • 100 different stimulation levels so that you can customize your dog’s training collar to fit their personality
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to read LCD screen
  • Battery life indicator
  • Low to medium stimulation levels to be sure that your dog is safe


  • Expensive
  • Less liked by consumers than other models
  • Susceptible to wear and tear

With all the options and accessories available, this luxury priced item is definitely an investment with immediate benefits. Unlike other training collars, the Garmin Alpha training collars has a unique GPS system that allows you to track up to 20 dogs for at least four miles. It comes with preloaded maps so that you can set virtual boundaries for your dog immediately, allowing you to recall them if they leave your set boundaries. When it comes to training, this collar has 18 different levels, along with the ability to switch between sound based stimulation and vibration so that you can customize your training session to match your dog’s personality and obedience level. The only downside that you may want to consider is that this collar has an extended antenna attached to the outside that may be cumbersome of distressing to your dog.


  • GPS tracking abilities to help keep your dog safe if they were to run off or during hunting
  • Tracks up to 20 dogs from 9 or 4 miles away (distance depends on model)
  • 18 different training levels
  • Sound and vibration options available
  • GPS not only tracks but measures dog’s speed and distance travelled
  • Ability to set virtual boundaries for your dog
    Comes with preloaded maps


  • External antenna that may annoy your dog or make him or her uncomfortable

If you’re still unsure if a training collar for you, an inexpensive yet versatile collar such as the Pet Trainer collar is a great way to test and see how you like it. While it’s not as durable as some of the higher end options, it does offer a variety of benefits that make it perfect for the first time user. It has the ability to switch between three different modes of stimulation, and it has 100 levels so that you can find what works best for you and your dog. It is also waterproof and rechargeable, and, with its 1000 foot range, it’s perfect for a variety of situations. The Pet Trainer collar is designed to fit dogs over eight pounds, and, in order to accommodate larger dogs or breeds with thicker fur, it comes with 3 sets of replaceable contact points.


  • Inexpensive
  • Fits small, medium, and large dogs
  • Shock, vibration, and sound stimulations available
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • 1000 foot range
  • Bundled with different accessories such as 3 sets of contact points and a nylon belt
  • 100 levels so that you can use this collar for everything from basic obedience training to hunting


  • Clips break easily
  • Short lifespan
  • Susceptible to wear and tear

Benefits of Using a Dog Training Collar

Highly Effective Trainer

While positive reinforcement training is the best way to go, training collars serve as one of the most effective ways to redirect your dog’s attention away from an external stimulus back to you so that you have the option to reward them for good behavior. Dogs are highly receptive to both touch and sound, so training collars are a good way to grab their attention in a high-stress situation.

Creates a Safe Environment for Your Dog

Whether keeping your dog focused on the streets during a walk or by teaching them their boundaries within your yard, a training collar works to help your new dog figure out what is okay and what is not okay. A training collar will also help get your dog’s attention in a dangerous situation, such as if they escape their enclosure and are running off. 

Humane Dog Training Tool

Unlike shock collars which harm your dog and can make them afraid of you and their collars, training collars are humane tools that train your dog not through fear but through positive redirection of their natural energy and instincts.

What to Look for in The Best Training Collars

The best training collar will offer all of the benefits mentioned above. When buying a training collar, you should get one that provides a safe, humane distraction for your dog that is effective enough that you won’t have to repeat it. You should also consider buying a training collar much like buying a regular collar – it should be made of high quality material that won’t pull your dog’s hair of chafe their skin, and it should fit your dog loosely enough that you can slip two fingers in between the band and their neck. After you have established what is a good collar, you can also shop for additives such as reflectors and different types of clasps.

Final Thoughts on Dog Training Collars

A training collar is one of the best tools that you can purchase when you get a new puppy. While it’s important to make sure you’re getting the most humane option available – try to stay away from high intensity, long interval shocks – there are a lot of other things to consider when buying a collar. As always, your dog’s safety and comfort should come first, so make sure that the collar you are buying won’t cause any chafing or irritation on your dog’s neck. Also make sure that it is made out of high-quality material that won’t tear or rip easily, keeping your dog safe even if they were to run off during a training session. 

The SportDOG 425 Remote Trainer not only meets all of these standards but, with its variety of stimulation levels and styles, 50 hours of battery, and waterproof design, goes about basic expectations. This collar is designed to be used in any weather and any terrain, making it perfect for every dog from the family dog to the hunting companion. 

No matter which collar you decided to buy, it’s important to take the time to do your research to make sure you’re getting the best, safest option for your dog. 

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