Best Fancy and Luxury Dog Beds

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Top 8 Best Fancy and Luxury Dog Beds

Remember the last time you slept on an uncomfortable mattress? You probably spent most of the night turning and woke up tired, sore and stiff. Chances are your dog feels the same way. I mean, how many times you found your dog sleeping on your high-end sofa or snuggled around the silk sheets on your bed? Well, dogs know what is good and since they spend approximately 14-16 hours a day sleeping, finding them a good bed to sleep on is of paramount importance. Here at Dog Bed Zone we reviewed the top 8 best luxury high end premium dog beds.

What To Look For in a High End Dog Bed

A good dog bed provides:
• A private space and sense of security
• Insulation from the floor in both winter and summer
• Injury prevention
• Cushions for joints and bones
• Control of the spread of hair, dirt, and dandruff

When choosing the ideal bed for your dog, you must take into consideration few dog-related and few bed-related factors.

Important dog-related factors include your dog’s:
• Sleeping position
• Size
• Age
• Physical condition.

Important bed-related factors include:
• Shape – rectangular or round
• Style – bolster or non-bolster.

P.L.A.Y.’s dog beds are sassy, fashionably unique and designed to fit any stylish home.  The P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You Lounge Bed is a rectangular bed, featuring elevated sides that make perfect resting places, while the lowered front allows easy accessibility. The center pillow is easily removable and reversible. The bed is made of soft material with stylish trim enough to ensure comfort, yet tough enough to ensure durability. The denim, velvet or cotton made covers is breathable, soft and allergen-free.

The cover’s material is available in many colors and patterns and enriched by the signature P.L.A.Y. leather logo. The Eco-friendly PlanetFill® filler, made from 100% post-consumer certified-safe recycled plastic bottles, pampers your dog perfectly. Both the covers and the filling can be easily removed, machine washed and machine dried. The bed is available in 4 sizes – small (24’’x19’’x7’’), medium (44’’x37’’x10’’), large (38’’x30’’x9’’) and extra large (31’’x25’’x 8’’).


  • Easily removable, machine washable and dryer-safe covers and insert

•    Breathable cover

•    Hand sewn

•    Available in many colors and patterns

•    Available in 4 sizes


•    Easily removable center pillow, many dogs use to play with

P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You Lounge Bed is suitable for dogs of all sizes and ages. More importantly, since it is made of natural materials, it can be used for allergic dogs. 

The Outdoor Dog Chaise Bed n Espresso is stylish and waterproof, outdoor dog bed. It is an elevated, wicker, dog sofa, type of bed. It features a built-in overhanging shade, which makes it perfect for cooling off on warm, sunny days. The bed is constructed from beautiful, natural and waterproof rattan stained in espresso color. It also has an oval, 6’’ thick and tufted pillow that is easy to maintain because it can be machine washed. The cushion is made of beige polyester. The cushion’s filler is also made from polyester, while the bed’s hardware is made of stainless steel. Both the pillow and the filler can be machine washed.The bed is available in 2 sizes – large (38’’x28’’x35.5’’) and extra large (43’’x31.5’’x41). The whole construction can be easily assembled and the assembling tools are included in the package.

The Outdoor Dog Chaise Bed n Espresso is perfect for decks and poolside patios. It is the ideal outdoor bed because it allows your dog to enjoy the nature without being exposed to potentially harmful sun rays. 


•    Built-in shade

•    Stylish, sofa type of bed

•    Comfortable, 6’’ thick cushion

•    Machine washable cushion’s cover and filler

•    Available in 2 sizes

•    Requires minimal assembly


•    Some users complained the hanging shade is weak

•    Not chew resistant

The Outdoor Dog Chaise Bed n Espresso is suitable for dogs similar in size to Labradors and German Shepherds, weighing around 55-75 lbs. Since the bed is raised, older dogs will certainly enjoy this fancy dog bed.

The K9 Ballistics Orthopedic Bolstered Microfiber Dog Bed with Waterproof Liner is a high-end furniture piece for your dog. The bed is superiorly constructed and made of premium materials. The bed’s outside is made of velvety soft, rich and smooth microfiber. The microfiber is upholstery-grade, 100% synthetic, hypoallergenic and easily washable material. Additionally, the bed features 5’’ orthopedic mattress that consists of 2 layers - a 1.5’’ memory foam topper and 3.5’’ support foam base. The plump bolster pillow around the sides offers a soft and comfortable, head-resting place. 

The bolster can be easily removed and washed. The bed comes in 5 sizes – small (18’’x24’’x5’’), medium (27’’x33’’x5’’), large (34’’x40’’x5’’), extra large (38’’x54’’x5’’) and double extra large (40’’x68’’x5’’).


•    Features premium materials and superior construction

•    Orthopedic mattress

•    Suitable for allergic and sensitive dogs

•    Extremely comfortable

•    Available in 5 sizes

•    10 years guarantee against flattening


•    Not chew resistant

•    Too many hairs stick to the microfiber

The K9 Ballistics Orthopedic Bolstered Microfiber Dog Bed with Waterproof Liner is ideal for big and heavy dogs, as well as older and senior dogs and dogs suffering from arthritis. It is the perfect choice for dog breeds prone bone and joint problems.

The Chesterfield Faux Leather Large Dog Bed Designer Pet Sofa by Villacera is quality through and through. Made of the finest and most luxurious faux leather, the bed can be a compliment to any decor. The bed features a sturdy, hard and durable, birch wood frame and a plush, reversible cushion that buckles to the frame. The pillow’s color matches the frame’s color. Available colors include rustic brown, rich tan and classic gray. Both the cushion and the cover can be machine washed. The bed is 33.5’’ wide, 16’’ high and 30.25’’ deep. It weighs 28lbs. The pet sofa bed is elevated on 4 legs that if necessary can be easily removed. The Chesterfield Pet Sofa comes with 1 year warranty.


•    Endurable and comfortable

•    Classical style

•    Excellent craftsmanship

•    Heirloom quality

•    1 year warranty


•    Available in only 1 size

•    Not recommended for older dogs

The Chesterfield is stylish, cozy and comfortable, but because of its height, it is not best suited for older dogs and dogs with joint problems or generally dogs that have issues climbing on higher places. The stylish dog bed can easily match your modern furniture.

The Dog’s Balls Bed is non-elevated, non-bolster rectangular dog bed. It is made of protective and waterproof inner and durable, hypoallergenic, Oxford outer fabric. The fabrics used are resistant to molds, mildews and dust mites. The bed features high-quality, premium and medical-grade orthopedic memory and support foam. The foam provides uniform, contour-balanced, and contour-adaptable support. At the same time, it relieves painful pressure points. The Dog’s Balls Bed comes in 5 sizes – small (28’’x19’’x4’’), medium (34’’x22’’x4’’), large (36’’x27.5’’x4’’), extra large (43.5’’x34’’x4’’) and double extra large (54’’x36’’x6’’).


•    Waterproof

•    Hypoallergenic materials

•    Available in 5 sizes

•    Available in several colors

•    Available cover replacements

•    Affordable price


•    The fabric is too soft, and hairs easily stick to it

•    Some owners complain the bed is too narrow

Being waterproof, the Dog’s Balls Bed is suitable for incontinent and accident-prone dogs, as well as sensitive and allergic dogs. Because of its orthopedic support, this bed is ideal for dogs suffering from arthritic pain, muscle stiffness, hip dysplasia, arthritis, and aching joints.

Cavalier Pets’ Sofa Bed offers maximum support, comfort, and security. The bed has extremely comfortable, orthopedic shredded memory foam cushion. The pressure-relieving mattress molds and contours to your dog’s body. Featuring two bolster pillows, this model gives your dog multiple sleeping positions and options. The bolster pillows are attached with velcro to secure them in place but can be removed when washed. The bed’s frame is sturdy, well-balanced, elevated and made of solid 1.5’’ thick bamboo. The cushions’ covers are made of removable, easy to clean, machine-washable and stain resistant ultra micro suede fabric. The Cavalier Pets’ Sofa Bed comes in one size, and its dimensions are 29’’x20’’x8.5’’. The bed weighs 29.2lbs.  If you are looking for bolster dog beds we wrote detailed review.


•    Orthopedic shredded memory foam cushion

•    2 bolster pillows

•    Raised off the ground

•    Contemporary design

•    Fully assembled

•    Removable and washable covers

•    100% money-back guarantee


•    Available in only 1 size

•    Some users complain about poor craftsmanship

Cavalier Pets’ Sofa Bed is ideal for small dog breeds, weighing under 40lbs. It is recommended for dogs suffering from arthritis, joint pain and even bone and soft tissue injuries.

eLuxury Supply’s Orthopedic dog bed is stylish and luxurious, rectangular, non-bolster and non-elevated, 4-layers design. The first layer features 2’’orthopedic gel enhanced memory foam swirl. The second layer features a 3’’ high-density supportive base foam. Layer number 1 and 2 make up the filling of the bed. The third layer or the encasement is 100% waterproof, removable and washable. The fourth layer or the cover is durable and made of 100% cotton. The cover can be fully removed and machine-washed. The covers come in many stylish, bright and colorful patterns. The bed is flappable and each side offers different firmness. The eLuxury Supply’s Orthopedic bed is available in three sizes – small (22’’x27’’), medium (27’’x36’’) and large (36’’x45’’). All bed parts are made in the USA and the bed comes with 90 days warranty.


•    Orthopedic gel enhanced memory foam

•    Removable and 100% cotton covers

•    Waterproof encasement

•    Flappable design

•    Easy to lift and relocate

•    Offers additional support and comfort

•    Available in bright, eye-catching and colorful patterns

•    Available in three sizes

•    Available replacement covers

•    Made in the USA

•    Affordable price


•    Only 90 days warranty

The eLuxury Supply’s Orthopedic Bed is beneficial for older dogs, dogs with arthritis or hip dysplasia, active working or service dogs or dogs that have recently had a surgery and face long recovery. The bed offers additional support and comfort for the dog's muscles and joints, along with better weight distribution.

The Enchanted Home Pet Snuggle Pet Sofa Bed has a classic and original design. It is an elevated and stylish dog sofa, featuring resistant wood frame, padded sides, and thick-cushioned, comfortable base. The bed is upholstered with grey-cream, chevron-printed polyester fabric. It has raised feet that lift the bed above the ground, keeping your dog draft-free. Only the cushion’s case can be removed and machine washed, while the rest of the bed can only be spot cleaned with damp cloth and mild detergents. The bed’s dimensions are 26.5’’x16’’x16’’ and it weighs 11.5lbs. The actual sitting area is 17’’ wide and 11’’ deep.


•    Raised, sofa-type of dog bed

•    Comfortable and stylish design

•    Affordable price


•    Not waterproof 

•    Only the cushion’s case can be machine washed

•    Available in only 1 size

•    The legs can fall off

The Enchanted Home Pet Snuggle Pet Sofa Bed is perfect for dogs that like to snuggle while they sleep. Because of its dimensions, the bed is recommended for dogs weighing less than 12lbs.


In a nutshell, dog beds in general may seem like something of a gimmick, while luxurious ones are often considered spoiling indulgences. However, the best dog beds are far from inessential furniture pieces. For the dog, its bed is a cherished possession with many beneficial effects. Although pricey financial investments at first, good dog beds offer many health and wellness benefits in the long run. Getting the right bed for your dog is one of those things you cannot compromise on. Do your furry baby a favor and get him a good bed. After all, man’s best friend deserves nothing less than the best. 

Luckily, regardless of the size of your dog and the size of your budget, there is always something on the market that meets both your needs and possibilities. Since there is no one-type-fits-all type of dog bed, do not hesitate to consult with the salesperson in your local pet store and ask for advice. However, do not forget that the ultimate decision is made by your dog. Even the most expensive and luxurious bed will not serve its purpose if your dog is not fond of it.

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