Big Barker Dog Bed Review

The Last Dog Bed You'll Purchase

Does your dog likely rip things up?

Have you gone through multiple dog beds? 

If you are looking for the best dog bed for your dog on the market today. Look no further than the Big Barker Dog Beds. 

I've got a 8 year old Labrador named Rex, that I love and have had him since he was a little pup.

So the attachment for me is there basically grew up with me in my late teen to twenties. 

He's getting older.

He's not that fearless little pup running around in a hurry. 

Rex, 8 year old Lab

Rex, 8 year old Lab

His step is a little slower, fur coat a little more faded through the years. I really just want the best for Rex, he's been through so much with me. School, girls, and me almost getting married.

During a vet check up, the vet told me that due to his age she recommended that I start giving him glucosamine supplements to help with his arthritic joints. 

The other thing they also recommended was getting him a real good bed, especially made for big dogs. Right now I'm using just kind of a padded mat on the floor.  I got this bed for him a year ago after he ripped up his last one.

The veterinarian suggested an orthopedic dog bed since Rex has some arthritis and recommended the Big Barker Dog Beds.

So I went online to their website and purchased a dog bed sized for Rex, in this case a large with a bolster along with the waterproof liner.


The Big Barker 7" Headrest Edition with the liner got delivered in a few days and the best thing was that the shipping was free. 

I received the bed packed neatly in a box and wrapped in plastic.  I unpacked it from the box and let it sit for a day to fully expand and slipped on the cover. 

Right when I slipped on the cover, it was only natural that Rex jumped on it and kid you not took a mid day snooze.

The bed has 7" of high density memory foam so that the weight is evenly distributed for Rex's joints and bones. There's also no pressure points.

There is no way that Rex can chew through this bed, the foam is so dense. I can even kneel on the bed without my knees touching the floor and I'm 6' and 190 lbs. That's something I couldn't do on his old bed, even pressing down on it with my hands I could feel the floor underneath with his old bed.

Heck it feels more comfortable than my memory foam mattress in my own bed.  That should be a testament to how great this bed is.

Big Barker also has a 10 year warranty that the foam will never flatten during that time and is made in the good ol USA. 

They also give you a 1 year return period so if for whatever reason you do not like the bed you can return it after a year. 

Overall, Rex loves his bed and truly this Big Barker Bed is probably the last bed I'll buy for Rex. So if you are looking for a great orthopedic  dog bed for your dog definitely check out the Big Barker Dog Bed. You can find the best price for this bed here: does not intend to provide any veterinary advice. We do intense research to help owners better understand their dogs; however, the content on this blog is not a substitute for veterinary guidance. As always consult your vet. earns commission if users buy something from using our affiliate link.

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