Dog Care

Why do Dogs Bark in their Sleep?

dogs sleeping in bed

Dogs are great pets but can be very demanding too, especially when you come home after a hard day’s work. They really can’t be blamed for seeking your attention, getting you to play with them or looking out for those tidbits you’re famous for doling out. The situation is exacerbated ...

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Can Dogs Eat Cheerios?

dogs eating cheerios

Cheerios are as old as the hills and all of us (at one time or the other) have been guilty of indulging in those crunchy, low-sugar, heart-healthy and tasty breakfast option. Perhaps even on a regular basis. It’s natural that you want to share something that is good with your ...

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Things To Buy After Adopting A Dog

Things to Buy After Adopting a Dog

So, you decided to expand your family and add a new pet to your home. Congratulations, it is the beginning of an amazing journey. Now the next step is deciding where to get your new pet from. Keep in mind that getting a dog is a major decision and a ...

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How to De-Skunk Your Dog


Many dogs, especially those living in rural areas, eventually come into contact with a skunk. If you have never had to deal with this problem, it can seem like an impossible feat once it does happen. Getting the skunk stench off of your dog is a lot easier than most ...

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Easy Dog Grooming Every Dog Needs Regularly


Like humans, who brush their teeth and comb their hair daily, dogs also need grooming regularly. And some dog grooming is especially important. Luckily those grooming necessities are easy for pet owners to do at home. So improve your dog's happiness and health with these dog grooming steps that every ...

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How To Properly Bathe A Dog

chihuahua suds

If you own a dog then you know the importance of bathing your dog and how difficult such a seemingly simple task can be. The average dog should be bathed at least once a month. If you neglect to bathe your dog, they can smell and develop bad skin and ...

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How to Train Your Puppy To Use Training Pads

Teaching puppies about hygiene habits and cleaning up the place afterward is often stressful for many owners. It has probably happened before that you encounter a puddle or pile of feces in an unwanted place. You probably just cleaned it up and behaved as if nothing had happened. The truth ...

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The 6 Best Places To Nap with your Dog

There is nothing better than a good nap. Naps have been shown to counter the effects of sleep deprivation, boost your overall energy, increase your daily productivity, and improve cognitive activity. But did you know that taking time to reset your sleep schedule and slow down is the perfect way ...

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Practical Dog Grooming for Long-Haired Dogs

You can groom a dog with long hair at home with scissors and dog grooming clippers. Such long haired dogs like the Chinese Crested or Yorkshire Terrier have especially long hair that will get tangled into knots if not groomed. Some dog owners like to comb long haired dogs. But ...

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How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need

Dogs are much simpler than humans. They are guided by basic life needs: food, activity, and socializing. Dogs also benefit from a healthy lifestyle. Because they are prone to physical activity, it will not be difficult to persuade your dog to exercise. Dogs like to walk, run and jump, so ...

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