Dog Care

Quiet Small Breed Dogs

Bolognese Dog

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a dog- its bark of course!! How many times has your nights been disturbed by their loud barking- and yaps and howls in unison! They just seem to love barking their heads off at the drop of ...

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Top 10 Tips to Deal with Pet Allergies

Dealing With Pet Allergies

You love animals and you’re serious about getting a pet, but there’s always a little trepidation about what you are letting yourself in for. Pet care is a whole chapter by itself and there’s always the problem of having to contend with pet allergies caused by dander, urine, pet fur ...

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How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Yard

puppy in yard

Fleas usually find their way into your house through your pets. So, having cleaned your pet, his kennel, his beddings, and the entire home, how safe are you from the tiny bloodsuckers? Not entirely is the perfect answer. Look at it this way, you clean up the inside of your ...

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How To Stop Dogs from Digging

Dog About to Dig

Digging is a natural, instinctive behavior for most dogs, and some dogs love nothing more than a chance to dig their way through a yard full of dirt. Digging is not, however, nearly so much fun for humans, who find themselves having to replant plants, clean up destroyed yards, and ...

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Stop Your Dog from Chewing

Beagle Chewing On Bone

Both dogs and puppies enjoy chewing. They will chew on anything in their reach from table legs to shoes to clothing. Dogs use chewing as a means to reduce stress, eliminate boredom, relieve frustration, release energy, or ease loneliness. If you have a dog or puppy that is destroying your ...

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Dog Training Tricks and Tips

Dog Doing Shake Paw

Five Things to Avoid When Training Your DogDog training can be a powerfully motivating activity or it can be your worst nightmare. If you make mistakes or if you have never trained a dog before, you could make the process of dog training last far longer than it would have ...

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Looking for an Unique Name for Your Dog?

According to the AKC, the American Kennel Club, the top 5 most popular names for dogs are - Bear, Lady, Blue, Belle and Max. I also found a website that claims to list many rare dog names at Dogs Names list, but after looking them over they almost match the ...

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Why do Dogs Bark in their Sleep?

dogs sleeping in bed

Dogs are great pets but can be very demanding too, especially when you come home after a hard day’s work. They really can’t be blamed for seeking your attention, getting you to play with them or looking out for those tidbits you’re famous for doling out. The situation is exacerbated ...

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Can Dogs Eat Cheerios?

dogs eating cheerios

Cheerios are as old as the hills and all of us (at one time or the other) have been guilty of indulging in those crunchy, low-sugar, heart-healthy and tasty breakfast option. Perhaps even on a regular basis. It’s natural that you want to share something that is good with your ...

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Things To Buy After Adopting A Dog

Things to Buy After Adopting a Dog

So, you decided to expand your family and add a new pet to your home. Congratulations, it is the beginning of an amazing journey. Now the next step is deciding where to get your new pet from. Keep in mind that getting a dog is a major decision and a ...

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