Dog Care

How to Keep Your Dog off The Furniture

Dog Off Furniture Featured

Most dog owners make the same vow when they decide to bring home their fur baby: they promise themselves and their family that Fido will NEVER be allowed on the sofa. Sadly for them, Fido didn't get the memo and ultimately used those soft furniture as his own!  So why ...

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How Much Sleep Does Your Dog Need?

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If you are a dog owner then you may find your dog's sleeping patterns to be very odd. Not only do they sleep for long hours, but they also take a few naps in between this time as well. Some owners may even find that they are a bit jealous ...

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5 Benefits of Having a Bed for Your Dog

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Every dog owner knows the joy of being welcomed home by an over-zealous pup. Ever-ready to play and cheer up a gloomy day with their tricks and games, dogs become an indispensable part of our families in no time. They love us unconditionally. They ask for nothing but love and ...

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