Dog Care

Keeping Your Dog Warm During The Cold Winter

Does your dog prefer the swimming and laying on the sunshine covered sand at the beach or playing in the snow and chasing snowflakes? Regardless of the answer, seasons change and you and your dog need to be adaptable and well-prepared for what the weather offers. When it comes to low ...

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How Often Should You Groom Your Dog

Dogs tend to keep their skin and coat in good condition by licking, scratching, rolling in the dust or simply getting soaked wet. The dog’s saliva has antiseptics that soothe the skin, while rolling and rubbing help remove debris from the coat and activate the sebaceous gland whose secretions have ...

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5 Things You Should Know to Choose the Best Dog Bed

We always look forward to that moment where we can finally lie comfortably on our beds, especially on a long and stressful day. The same is true for dogs. Your dog may seem comfortable nestling in a basket of clothes or scrawling out on a mat, but that doesn’t necessarily ...

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Wireless Dog Fences For Containment Of Your Wandering Dog

PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System

As devoted dog parents we all want to give our dog babies the full benefit of exploration. We want them to feel free and be physically active. However, letting our dogs roam free and unsupervised can be a risk for their safety. They can wander of, get hit by a ...

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Help Your New Puppy or Dog Get Good Rest with a Comfortable Dog Bed

Your loyal dog would more than likely appreciate and welcome a very comfortable and cozy dog bed. Usually dog owners select a good dog bed, along with a new collar, leash, healthy dog food and water dishes for their new puppy. You may want to consider your dog’s personality, lifestyle ...

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How To Tell If Your Dog Has Arthritis and How To Treat It

As dogs reach a ripe old age, the cartilage cells that surround their joints begin to thin and die. As these cells die, they produce enzymes that cause inflammation in the joints and produce small bony outgrowths called osteophytes. On the other hand, arthritis is also the consequence of chronic ...

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How to Keep Your Dog off The Furniture

Dog Off Furniture Featured

Most dog owners make the same vow when they decide to bring home their fur baby: they promise themselves and their family that Fido will NEVER be allowed on the sofa. Sadly for them, Fido didn't get the memo and ultimately used those soft furniture as his own!  So why ...

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How Much Sleep Does Your Dog Need?

A Dog Sleeping Featured

If you are a dog owner then you may find your dog's sleeping patterns to be very odd. Not only do they sleep for long hours, but they also take a few naps in between this time as well. Some owners may even find that they are a bit jealous ...

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5 Benefits of Having a Bed for Your Dog

Featured Image of Dog Bed Benefits

Every dog owner knows the joy of being welcomed home by an over-zealous pup. Ever-ready to play and cheer up a gloomy day with their tricks and games, dogs become an indispensable part of our families in no time. They love us unconditionally. They ask for nothing but love and ...

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