Dog Care

Should You Buy Dog strollers?

To be honest, at first sight, seeing dog parents pushing their dogs in specially designed, high-end, dog strollers, may seem weird and unusual. For most people, especially people who do not have dogs, dog strollers are quite peculiar. Even a large number of devoted and responsible dog parents consider dog strollers to be overprotective and …

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Working Dogs

Working Group Dogs were bred to perform a variety of jobs. Working Dogs may guard property, pull sleds and perform water rescues. These terrific helpers to man are intelligent, quick to learn and capable animals. They make good, steady companions to their humans. Working dogs are powerfully built and large in size. Working Dogs are …

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Why Adopt A Shelter Dog

Prestigious, glitz and glam pet shows and magazine ads, suggest buying purebred dogs from stores and breeders, while neglecting to put light on the dark side of the pet industry. Buying a dog, not only denies a homeless dog a home, it also supports an industry that thrives on short changing the welfare of animals. Commercial …

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