Cut Down on Your Dog’s Constant Jumping

Dog Jumping on Girl

Some pets love to jump all over you and anyone else. My dog has this bad habit of jumping on everyone, she is overly friendly, but it can be tiresome and annoying at times. When your dog was a puppy constant jumping was cute but now as an adult dog it can be irritating. Most dogs jump to say hello or to show dominance but if you are growing tired of their constant jumping follow these helpful tips.

One way to cut down on your dog's jumping is to stop it when it starts. If your puppy starts jumping on you, make sure you firmly tell them no, stop, or off. Don't encourage it by saying jump or patting yourself, they will interpret this as it being okay to jump all the time. If your dog stops jumping on you when you tell him to stop you can pat him or give him a treat rewarding their obedience. You can take a few steps back when your dog makes the leap to jump on you and say no or off firmly. When he lands on the ground instead of you a few times he will get the message that jumping is not good.

You can also run toward your dog when you expect they will try and take a jump. Dogs don't like it when you are rushing at them when they are trying to jump. You can put your hand up in their face when your dog is preparing to jump. Dogs don't like hands in their faces and it throws them off guard. You can also blow a whistle or make another loud noise when your dog is ready to jump on you - loud sounds will deter your dog from jumping up. Another way to cut down on your dog's jumping either when you come home or anytime is to get on your knees to their level. Your dog jumps because they want to be at your level to greet you, smell you, and be close to you. If you kneel down you are eye level with them and this prevents your dog from jumping they can lick and smell you on their level.

When some owners arrive home they make a big production out of it, which excites their dog and causes them to jump on you. Since he's been alone all day your dog is glad to see you and vice versa but try not to make a big production of the homecoming. Try patting your dog and shortly after you can show all the love and affection they have been missing all day while home alone.

To cut down on your dog jumping all over your company keep them away from the door when company visits. Or if you know company is coming over and your dog stays outside be sure to put your dog in a certain room of the house or area of the yard that will keep them from coming in direct contact with your company. There are many people who are not familiar with dog behavior and become nervous or frighten when dogs jump all over them. Dogs smell fear and can become more aggressive with your company.

If all else fails, try signing your dog up for obedience classes that will focus on teaching him to cut down on the leaping and not to jump up constantly.